Often decentralized sanitation facilities require considerable manpower, large amounts of energy, water or auxiliary material. Other solutions are vey high tech. Their installation and setup takes several days or even weeks.



What is the difference between our system and common dry toilets?

SANI SOLAR is much more than a toilet. It’s a complete, autonomous sanitation system.

No excipients, like water, chemicals, litter, etc.  required.

Advantage: No costs for such auxiliary material.

Mass reduction of more than 95% is achieved.

Advantage: Handling of the residue can be realised easily and save by one person.

Hygenisation of faeces by UV-radiation.

Advantage: Number of germs and parasites are significantly reduced.

Intelligent treatment and stabilisation of urine.

Advantage: Due to UV – exposure and heat treatment the urine is converted into a concentrated, odourless fertilizer, which can be easily stored.

Portioning of the residue.

Advantage: Drying and stabilisation of the faeces is three times faster than in conventional dry toilets.

Patented ventilating system without fan.

Advantage: No odours due to directional airflow.