3S | Sustainable, Sanitation, Solution

In the frame of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the world community aimed to reduce by half the number of people without access to save drinking water and improved sanitary facilities by the end of 2015.  SANI SOLAR represents a sustainable solution to accomplish this goal in the future.


Our principles regarding a sustainable sanitary solution

Hygienic: There still exist a large number of locations where the human right for access to improved sanitation facilities cannot be guaranteed. Health hazards caused by germs and parasites are the consequences of such circumstances, which mostly affect children living in rural areas.
SANI SOLAR provides a hygienic and humanely solution to improve the sanitary situation in rural areas, not only regarding the use but also regarding the save disposal of the residues.

Technologically: SANI SOLAR is sustainable due to its robust and durable technology.  This singular drying toilet was specially designed to resist over a long period under the extreme climatic conditions characteristic for arid and semi arid regions. SANI SOLAR can be operated and cleaned by its users. There is no need for maintenance.
Due to the Plug &Play concept, up to three units of SANI SOLAR can be installed by a team of two persons.

Financially: Sustainable also means that a complete sanitary solution does not generate operational costs nor requires external service regarding maintenance or disposal of residues.

Sociocultural: Tests and surveys confirmed the excellent acceptance by women and men of any age. User feedback examples: Isabel states, “It is cooler in the toilet than outside” | Francisco asserts, “No odors”

Environmentally friendly: The unique SANI SOLAR system is not a conventional dry or waterless toilet because it solves the sanitation problem beyond a hygienic usage up to the treatment and sanitization of the residues. SANI SOLAR works without water and electric energy, reducing residues to a minimum. Furthermore it generates a hygienic fertilizer which is easy to handle and applicate.

In order to guarantee public health it takes a clean environment and measures to interrupt disease cycles.

The autonomous sanitary concept SANI SOLAR provides hygienic sanitary conditions for remote rural areas without infrastructure and at the same time allows safe disposal of the dried and stable residues.